IceMaster G20 Glycol Chiller - With Integrated Pumps and Digital Control

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IceMaster G20 - Glycol Chiller - Digital Fermentation Control - (with 2 integrated pumps for dual temp).

The Icemaster G20 is an efficient glycol chiller that has fantastic cooling performance. It's compact, quiet and ideal for a domestic environment. It is powerful enough to chill well-insulated fermenters up to 300L in size or multiple smaller fermenters. It has about 600-watt cooling power making it suitable for crash chilling even in hot ambient temperatures in your garage or brewery.

Includes a Duotight push in Sight Glass.

To get the most out of this unit we recommend the use of Propylene Glycol (sold separately), with ideally a 30% concentration.

If you are looking for a larger chiller we do also sell the Icemaster G40 unit.

Integrated Pumps
Unlike other units, this unit comes with 2 integrated pumps and temperature controllers. This will allow you to independently cool two fermenters at the same time at different temperatures. Set the temperature on the main reservoir to -4C then (after you have added 30% glycol) on the other side of the G20 set the other two temperatures to your ideal fermentation temperatures. No additional wiring necessary. Pumps included and already wired up ready to use.

Chill Wort
Cooling wort from 100C to 50C is quite easy with tap water most of the time. With that said cooling from 50C to 18C can take ages. This is because your tap water might be as warm as 25C, meaning it would be impossible to get down to 18C (common yeast pitching temperature). The Icemaster G20 solves this problem and is the easy way to take advantage of sub-zero glycol to cool your fermenter to acceptable temperatures for the fermentation process (PLEASE NOTE: only use this unit to chill wort after you have already chilled down to <50c with water, otherwise there is a risk of overloading the compressor). This unit can be used in conjunction with all these chiller options:
a) BrewZilla 65L Immersion Chiller
b) Coolossus Stainless Counter Flow Chiller
c) BrewZilla 35L Immersion Chiller
d) Plate Chiller

Cool Your Fermenter/Bright Tank/Kegmenter
In many instances heating is not necessary but cooling is essential. Larger and well-insulated fermenters will often generate enough heat to heat the fermenter which is why large commercial breweries often have no heating. They rely on the yeast activity to heat the fermentation tank. The G20 can be used to cool a range of different fermentation vessels when used with products such as the Temp Twister.

The G20 IceMaster glycol chiller can also be set up to heat the reservoir. There is a push in port on the two temperature controllers to control the heating of the device you decide to use. We do not stock any submersible heaters for this application.
Please note: Installation of such heating device must be installed by a certified electrician.

Compressor NOT Thermoelectric
Although thermoelectric glycol units are significantly cheaper to make, to really get the power needed to chill wort quickly and efficiently you need compressor cooling. Compressors increase the cost of the manufacturing process, however, due to the fact they are between 3-6 times more electrically efficient for this application the initial manufacturing cost will easily be recouped in electrical savings. In addition to this, compressors are significantly more powerful and able to pump more heat even in hot ambient temperatures where thermoelectric units will struggle. So if you want to retain the ability to crash chill fermenter you can't go past the cooling power of compressor cooling.

Installation Requirements
- This unit requires 100mm of clearance around all air vents.
- Regular maintenance of dust around radiator is required to ensure optimum efficiency.
- Ideally use with Glycol/Water ratio of 20-30% to achieve -8°C freezing point

NOTE: The castor wheels and dolly in the photos are not included.

Refrigerant: r600a isobutane
Cooling Power: 600watts (0.8HP)
Power Consumption: 155w
Tank: 16.42L
Max Head (per pump): 5meter
Max Flow (per pump): 600L/Hr
Output Barb Size: To suit 10mm ID tube

From: Kegland