Gladfield Big O – Malted Oats

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Malted Oats perfect for brewing Hazy beers and adding complexity to stouts.

How does it taste?
They have much more flavour – kilned to enhance nutty, oaty flavours and bring more to the table than a flaked product.
They bring the same silky smoothness to a beer that a rolled oat will. Provides a better haze than rolled oats alone in your IPAs.

What does it add to the beer?
Big O has a few great attributes that make a preferred product for Stouts and Hazy IPA’s. They have a large, thick husk which greatly aids in sparging and run-off.

Brewing Notes:
The oats and husk will absorb more water so be prepared to increase the amount of your strike water.
Mix the oats with the barley during milling to help deliver an even crush.

Typical Beer Styles:
Hazy IPA, Stouts

Typical Usage Rates:
Up to 20%.


EBC Test Method   Typical Analysis
Moisture (max) % 1.22
Extract – Fine Dry min% 59.83
Extract - Coarse Dry 56.66
Extract - Fine As-is 59.10
Extract - Coarse As-is 55.97
Saccharification time <10
Odour normal
Wort Colour 4.38
Total Nitrogen (%) 1.72
Kolbach Index 30.08
pH 5.97
FAN (mg/l)min 125.61
Friability (min)% 97.16
Glassy Corns (max)% 0.21
P.U.G. (max)% 0.25