30 Litre Fermenter Set

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The unbranded Fermenter Set contains a barrel and accessories, ready to ferment. Includes litre markers down the side. Use for primary or secondary fermenter, or even as a bottling bucket.

The set includes:
- 30 litre white fermenting bucket and lid (clip-on lid style)
- stick on thermometer
- airlock and grommet
- standard tap

These fermenter sets can be tight to get on initially. If you're having trouble, use a soft mallet to seal the lid, or:

  1. Hold the lid at an angle to the top rim of the bucket, and press down at the point of contact. You should hear or feel a distinct clip once the lid grips the top of the bucket.
  2. Now that the first section is clipped on, make your way around the circumference of the fermenter; it should be a lot easier to do than clipping on the initial section.