Nectaron FKA (Hort 4337)

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Intense tropical fruit and citrus aroma characters (10.5-11.5% AA)

Intense tropical fruit and citrus aroma characters evident during selection. Over successive commercial brewing trials in styles such as Strong Pale Ales and India Pale Ales Hort 4337 has displayed high levels of tropical fruit characters of pineapple and passionfruit as well as stone fruit (peach) and citrus (grapefruit)


A triploid aroma type developed by New Zealand’s Plant & Food Research. HORT4337 is a full sister to Waimea


First impressions are an intense tropical fruit and citrus aroma during selection.


Not clearly defined as yet as new varieties always find many applications as brewers become familiar with various nuances and behaviours. Given this hops big flavour and aroma characteristics most brewing trials have focussed on the production of bigger styles such as IPA’s, NEIPA and others.

Technical Data

HPLC & Oil Composition (Measured within 6 months of harvest, stored at 0C) 

Alpha Acids 10.5-11.5%
Beta Acids 4.5-5.0%
Cohumulone 26-28% of Alpha Acids
Total Oil 1.7 ml oil per 100gm cone weight
Concentration 0 uL Oil/gram Alpha
Myrcene 60%
Humulene 16%
Caryophyllene 4.5%
Farnesene 0.2%
Citrus-Piney Fraction 4.3%
Floral Estery Fraction 0%
H/C Ratio 3.6
Other 0%