Zombie Dust Clone

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Home Brew Recipe Kit for our version of Zombie Dust American Pale Ale.  

This recipe has consistently ranked the most brewed "Brewer's Friend" recipe: 

While it is technically labeled an APA, Zombie Dust is considered one of the world’s best IPAs. In the glass, it pours a dark amber gold color with a foamy head, and it’s loaded with Citra hops, which are in turn loaded with alpha acids. This means a strong, bitter flavor with notes of citrus and fruit. The hoppy aroma is off the charts, with an extremely herbaceous profile, so you can practically smell the bitter bite. But in addition to all the hops, there’s a yeasty bread component that gives this beer a balanced character. 

IBU: 62.4  ABV: 5.9%  OG:  1.060  FG: 1.016

All ingredients you will need are included in this recipe kit.  Malted Grain, Hops, Yeast. (Malt Extract for Extract Option).  Kit includes brewing instructions.


Size: 23 Litres  (1/2 Batch option also available).

Malts - Milled in one bag ready for you to mash in!
5.35Kgs - Gladfield American Ale Malt  (All Grain Option)
500g - Gladfield Munich Malt
250g - Gladfield Aurora Malt
250g - Gladfield Gladiator Malt
250g - Gladfield Medium Crystal Malt

or for the Extract with Partial Mash option:

Liquid Malt Extract
Specialty Malts (Steep)
500g - Gladfield Munich Malt
250g - Gladfield Aurora Malt
250g - Gladfield Gladiator Malt
250g - Gladfield Medium Crystal Malt

Hops are all pre-measured for each addition and vac packed in foil bags to make your brew day easier.

21g - Citra First Wort at 60 minutes boil
35g - Citra for 15 minutes boil
35g - Citra for 10 minutes boil
35g - Citra for 5 minutes boil
35g - Citra for 1 minutes boil
85g - Citra Dry Hop @ 7 days

Yeast: SafAle S-04