Yeast Nutrient

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Yeast food is a blend of yeast nutrients formulated to increase yeast activity during fermentation so that attenuation can be reached more rapidly and the fermentation cycle shortened. This shortening of the lag phase can help reduce off-flavours in beer that are due to bacteriological contamination. Yeast food can cause a reduction in the final gravity by invigorating the yeast and enabling it to give a more complete fermentation. This can reduce the diacetyl content in the finished beer. 

100g pack size.

The blend contains nutrients and minerals which include: Zinc, Phosphorous, Potassium and Manganese.

The recommended use level of this yeast nutrient is 40 ppm (5gm / 25 litre kettle). It should be slurried in a few litres of liquid and added to the kettle about 15 minutes before the end of the boil.

Form: Powder

Colour: Light Tan

Solubility: Completely miscible in water

pH: A 5% solution will have a pH of 7.0-9.0