Thermo Sleeve 10, 20 & 50L

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The thermo sleeve saves energy by insulating the Braumeister and stabilising temperature during mash and boil. A great buy for outdoor and cooler brewing environments. The plastic coated neoprene material also serves as a wrap, protecting the user from hot surfaces.

Available in white and black. With velcro fastening at the back. Fit for Braumeisters 10, 20 & 50L.

  • 10L Thermo Sleeve White: SP77451. 1kg
  • 10L Thermo Sleeve Black: SP78046. 1kg
  • 20L Thermo Sleeve White: SP77354. 1kg
  • 20L Thermo Sleeve Black: SP78047. 1kg
  • 50L Thermo Sleeve White: SP77355. 1.5kg
  • 50L Thermo Sleeve Black: SP78048. 1.5kg