Temp Twister Pump Kit

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Temp Twister Pump Kit with Return Line and Clamp.

If a glycol chiller is a bit out of reach at the moment, but you want to use the Temp Twister in your Kegmenter or FermZilla, this little product can help you on your way to cool your fermenter. Simply submerge the pump in a large bucket with water and ice.

The more insulation you give your fermenter and keep it at a relatively stable temperature the better. We suggest using this in conjunction with a temperature controller.

Parts List:
1 x 1.2m Length of Insulated 6mm x 9mm EVABarrier Hose
1 x 1.2m Length of 6mm x 9.5mm hose (return line back to the bucket) (colour may vary)
2 x 9.5mm duotight Elbows (For temp twister)
1 x Temp Twister 12v Pump and power supply