Regulator - Inline Push Fit (No Gauge)

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In Line Regulator with 8mm push fit connections.

This unit has no gauge. Looking for the Duotight Inline Regulator with Gauge?

This inline regulator is suitable for gas or liquid. The design has two main features:

1. Push In 8mm
It comes with 8mm push fit connectors so you can push your beer, water, gas line directly into the unit.  No need for hose clamps, just push your EVABarrier line directly into the connector and it's securely joined.

2. Handy Tee Bar Adjustment
These have been designed with a highly visable yellow tee bar adjustment knob.  Signficiantly easier than the previous designs that required a phillips head screw driver to adjust the pressure.

Constructed with Non-Corrosive Acetyl, Nitrile & Stainless Components. The Regulator body has two wall mounting points.

These regulators work great for reducing your mains pressure from 0-159psi. The maximum inlet pressure is 150psi.

From: Kegland