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NovaLager - Modern Hybrid Lager Yeast.

LalBrew NovaLager is a true bottom-fermenting Saccharomyces pastorianus hybrid that has been selected to produce clean lager beers with distinct flavor characteristics and superior fermentation performance.

NovaLager is a robust lager strain with ideal characteristics for lager beer production including fast fermentations, high attenuation. The distinct flavour profile is very clean, slight esters over a wide temperature range.

This strain is a low VDK/diacetyl producer and utilises patented technology from the University of California Davis (USA) that inhibits the production of hydrogen sulfide (H2S) off-flavours, therefore reducing the maturation time associated with lager beer production.

Aroma: clean, low to medium ester, no sulfur
Attenuation: 78-84%
Temperature range: 10-20
Flocculation: medium
Alcohol tolerance: 13% ABV
Pitching rate: 0.5-1g per litre

Available in 11g sachets.