Motueka (NZ)

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An excellent hop in many applications from first kettle additions through to late gift.  This hop offers a unique aroma and flavour making it suitable for producing bigger more traditional style Lagers, especially Bohemian Pilsener. Excellent when employed in multiple additions from a single hop bill and sits well on the palate to balance specialty malt sweetness. An excellent variety for Belgian Ales and gives a real edge to Cask Bitter.

Alpha Acids 6.5 - 7.5 %
Beta Acids   5.0 – 5.5 %
Cohumulone   29.0 % of Alpha Acids
Total Oil   0.8 ml oil per 100 gram cone weight
Concentration   107 uL Oil/gram Alpha
Myrcene   47.7 %
Humulene   3.6 %
Caryophyllene   2.0 %
Farnasene   12.2 %
Citrus-Piney Fraction   18.3 %
Floral Estery Fraction   4.0 % (Linalool 1.6 %)
Xanthohumol   0.4 %
Other   10.4 %

All our hops are vacuum sealed in foil bags to preserve the best flavour and aroma.  Our hops are refrigerated while in storage.