Milkshake IPA

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Home Brew Recipe Kit for our version of a Milkshake IPA.

An IPA bursting with floral, peppery, citrus aroma with some dark fruit character thanks to the Loral hops. Loral is a Yakima Valley hop from the US, which is typically used in only late boil additions, including dry hopping.

This is a great milkshake IPA, a slightly sweeter big bodied beer well balanced with the late addition hop bitterness and aroma and rounded off by the Hophead yeast.

IBU: 38  ABV: 6.4%  OG:  1.059  FG: 1.012

All ingredients you will need are included in this recipe kit. Malted Grain, Hops, Yeast, Irish Moss and brew water additions. (Malt Extract for Extract Option).  Kit includes brewing instructions.

Size: 23 Litres  (1/2 Batch option also available).

Malts - Milled in one bag ready for you to mash in.
  3.40Kg - Pilsner Malt  (All Grain Option)
  1.10Kg - Wheat Malt
  0.86Kg - Flaked Oats
  0.35Kg - Aurora Malt
  0.40Kg - Lactose

or for the Extract with Partial Mash option:
    2 cans of Liquid Malt Extract
    0.86Kg - Flaked Oats (Steep)
    0.35Kg - Aurora Malt (Steep)
    0.40Kg - Lactose

Hops are all pre-measured for each addition and vac packed in foil bags to make your brew day easier.

    17g  - Loral Cryo Hops for 10 minutes boil
  130g - Loral Cryo Whirlpool 15 min at 80C

 Yeast: Mangrove Jack's Hophead Ale #M66, 

Kit available in 3 options.
 All Grain Full 23L Batch
 All Grain Half 12L Batch
 Extract with Partial Mash,  Full 23L Batch.  Comes with Liquid Malt Extract and a specialty grain pack to add additional flavour.

Disclaimer: All Kits require additional equipment and Medium - Advanced skill level.