Gladfield Wheat Base

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Two common varieties of wheat beer are Weisbier (German – "white beer") based on the German tradition of mixing at least 50% wheat to barley malt to make a light coloured top-fermenting beer, and witbier (Dutch – "white beer") based on the Belgian tradition of using flavorings such as coriander and orange peel. Belgian white beers are often made with raw unmalted wheat, as opposed to the malted wheat used in other varieties.

Both German Weisbier and Belgian witbier are termed "white beers" because "wheat" has the same etymological root as "white" in most West Germanic languages (including English).

U.S. brewers and Canadian brewers follow both of the main wheat beer traditions, usually with greater variation.

In Britain, wheat beer is not considered traditional, however sales over the years in wheat beer have soared. It tends to be a hybrid of the continental style with an English bitter, rather than an exact emulation.

Other minor wheat beer styles such as Berliner Weise, Gose, and lambic are made with a significant proportion of wheat.

  • 2.33kg Gladfield Pilsner Malt (46%)
  • 2.33kg Gladfield Wheat Malt (46%)
  • 410g Gladfield Toffeel Malt (8%)

Target Original Gravity 1.046

Estimated ABV 4.7%

Target IBU 20 (Suggested for this recipe style)

Mash at 66.5C