Gladfield Oktoberfest Base

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Originally a beer brewed in March and laid down in caves before the summer weather rendered brewing impossible. Stocks would be drawn upon during the summer, and finally exhausted in October. In Germany, this tradition has come to be associated with one specific style. Märzenbier has a malty aroma, and is a medium-strong version of the amber-red Vienna style. It is seasonal to the Oktoberfest, where it is offered as a traditional speciality alongside paler beers of a similar strength.

  • 2.5kg Gladfield Munich Malt (40%)
  • 2.5kg Gladfield Pilsner Malt (40%)
  • 620g Gladfield Gladiator Malt (10%)
  • 620g Gladfield Light Crystal Malt (10%)

Target Original Gravity 1.055

Estimated ABV 5.6%

Target IBU 24 (Suggested for this recipe style)

Mash at 67C