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More subtle in character, Ella™ (previously known as Stella) packs less of an upfront punch than her big sister Galaxy™, but is no less of a star.

The changing faces of Ella™ make her an intriguing hop to experiment with.

In lower doses, Ella™ can display floral and subtle spice notes, such as star anise, which is best appreciated in lagers or pilsners. With larger additions or when dry hopping, Ella™ imparts distinct tropical flavours which can be used to offset robust malt and yeast characters in many styles.

Pedigree                             Descendent of a Spalt derived male and half sister to Galaxy

Brewing Usage                 Aroma

Aroma                                  Spicy, hoppy and floral with hints of anise

Possible Substitutions      Cascade



Typical Beer Styles          Lager

Additional Information Australia's newest aroma hop cultivar

Alpha Acids                      14.0 - 16.0%

Beta Acids                          4.0 - 7.5%

Co-Humulone                   ~36%

Total Oil                               ~2.9 mL / 100g

Myrcene                              40 - 50% of total oil

Humulene                          16 - 22% of total oil

Caryophyllene                  12 - 18% of total oil

Farnesene                          0 - 1% of total oil

General Trade Perception           Reminiscent of, yet distinctly different from, noble European varieties - one of the most versatile hops available.

All our hops are vacuum sealed in foil bags to preserve the best flavour and aroma.  Our hops are refrigerated while in storage.