DUOTIGHT - 8mm For MFL Connector

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Duotight are push in fittings with superior sealing capacity due to the double o-ring sealing design. The secret is the high quality EPDM o-rings, two of them. The double o-ring means it has twice the sealing surface surface when compared with other push in fittings. This makes our fittings even more reliable and reduces the chance of a leak significantly. It also means the hose can bend with a much tighter radius without causing leaking issues.

This push in fitting will fit 8mm outer diameter tubing, while the thread on the other end will suit:
  • MFL ball lock disconnects
  • MKIII and MK4 regulators with MFL output
  • Other fittings with MFL thread
No clamps necessary, but we do recommend cutting your hosing straight, not on an angle, to ensure the line has a complete seal. To remove the fitting simply push in the collet and the hose can be removed. These push in fittings are suitable to be used up to 100 psi.