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The HI98501 Checktemp® is a digital thermometer with stainless steel probe. It delivers high accuracy temperature measurements over a wide temperature range without worrying about breakage or condensation.

The Checktemp is easy to read, and the digital display prevents a parallax error (observing the wrong measurement due to the angle of view) and is optimised for a wide range of environmental temperatures. Checktemp® is provided with Hanna’s unique CAL Check™ function for accurate measurements every time. It implements a CAL Check™ upon startup and reports the status as 0 or Err.

- Large display with wide environmental temperature range and viewing angle.
- IP 65 water resistant protection
- Range: -50.0 to 150.0°C
- Resolution: 0.1°C
- Accuracy: 0.2 ºC (-30.0 to 120.0 ºC); ±0.3 ºC (outside: -50.0 to -30.0 ºC and 120.0 to 150.0 ºC)
- Probe: fixed, stainless steel probe; 106 x ø 3.6 mm
- Power Supply: 3VCR2032 Li-ion Battery
- Battery Life: approx. 2000 hours of continuous use
- Auto-Off: auto-off after 8 minutes of non-use
- Dimensions: 70.4 x 50.5 x 22 mm body only
- Weight: 51.3g