VAPE | FT02 (Hazy / English Ale)

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VAPE | FT02 (Hazy / English Ale)

Clouds no longer belong solely to the sky. The trendy kid on the block, Vape is our answer to sick-as-hazies. Contributing a restrained but present ester profile and a silky mouthfeel,  Vape clouds-out most when partnered with a high dose of hops and proteins to render the juiciest of NEIPA’s.

Attenuation: 71-75% | Flocculation: Medium | Alcohol Tolerance: 10% | Temp: 19-23ºc
Assumed Origin: Boddington’s

Conatins >200B yeast cells
ONE POUCH OF YEAST IS GOOD FOR: 23L of beer wort up to 1.048 SG
OR 20L of beer wort up to 1.060 SG
*For lagers or high gravity ales, use two pouches or make a starter.

Storage Recommendations: Store in the fridge