Duotight Bottle Filler Beer Gun

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Duotight Bottle Filler Beer Gun - Gen2

Have a keg of beer, but want to fill some bottles to take with you to the game, beach, or friend's house? This beer gun is a great way to fill bottles from a keg. Every part that comes into contact with your beer is stainless steel. This unit features a CO2 purge, which helps to prevent oxidation during filling.

Now with duotight fittings as standard making the set up and pack away process extremely simple and secure.

The features, coupled with a CO2 jacketing tube for bottle purging and ergonomic valve actuators, makes filling bottles faster, intuitive, more accurate, and easier than ever! Because the Bottle Filler Beer Gun doesn't require a pressurising stopper, you can fill a bottle of any depth without buying different stem lengths or adding plastic hose extensions.

1 x Bottle Filler Beer Gun Unit with gas and liquid trigger with silicone tip.  Replacement tips can be found here.
1 x 1/4" x 6.35mm duotight fitting
1 x Red Gas Carbonation Cap x 6.35mm Male Duotight fitting (Connect your gas ball lock line directly to the unit, no longer a permanent fitting!)
1 x 1.5-2m Length of 4mm x 8mm EVABarrier Hosing
1 x 8mm Compression x 8mm female duotight fitting elbow
1 x 8mm Duotight x yellow/black liquid ball lock disconnect

Please use the photos above as your instruction manual on how to assemble. 

We also have the non-Duotight Beer Gun Bottle Filler.


From: Kegland