BUDDY | FT01 (American Ale)

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BUDDY | FT01 (American Ale)

Often playing a supporting role in IPA’s and hop-forward styles, Buddy takes a back seat with its clean fermentation profile and lets it’s mates bask in the limelight. With applications across a range of styles from Pale Ale’s and IPA’s, to American Style Stouts and Barleywines, this versatile and reliable strain is a go-to across the board. Brew with your Buddy; a brewer’s best friend. 

Attenuation: 72-80% | Flocculation: Medium | Alcohol Tolerance: 11% | Temp: 19-22ºc
Assumed Origin: Sierra Nevada

Conatins >200B yeast cells
ONE POUCH OF YEAST IS GOOD FOR: 23L of beer wort up to 1.048 SG
OR 20L of beer wort up to 1.060 SG
*For lagers or high gravity ales, use two pouches or make a starter.

Storage Recommendations: Store in the fridge