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 Clarity Ferm from White Labs helps prevent chill haze and produces gluten reduced beer.

Chill haze in beer results from the precipitation of complexed polyphenols and proteins during cold storage. This haze develops over time and, initially, is reversible (haze disappears when the temperature of the beer increases). Eventually this chill haze can become permanent.

Clarity Ferm will prevent the precipitation of complexed polyphenols and proteins by hydrolyzing the sensitive (haze-active) polypeptides in the region where such hydrogen bonding occurs. The specificity of the enzyme ensures that no other beer parameters are affected. In addition to eliminating chill haze, Clarity Ferm significantly reduces the gluten content in beers made with barley and wheat. A Clarity Ferm treated beer made from barley or wheat usually tests below 20 ppm of gluten, the current international standard for gluten free.

Other benefits of using Clarity Ferm:

  • Increases shelf-life and product consistency
  • Does not alter beer flavour or aroma
  • Has no effect on head retention

It's also very easy to use, simply add the entire contents of the vial to 19-26 litres of cooled wort, at the same time as pitching your yeast.

Size: 10ml single
Made in: USA