Carbonation Cap Tee Piece

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This Tee Piece helps make a really small and useful keg system out of PET plastic bottles. Great for taking beer to a party or making your own micro/portable/mini keg system.

PET plastic bottles are readily available and inexpensive. The standard thread for PET bottles for carbonated beverates between 0-3L in size is the PCO 1881 thread. This thread type suits our carbonation caps that you can buy in plastic here or stainless.

Historically you would only be able to place a black or grey ball lock disconnect onto these fittings one at a time. This tee piece now enables you to attach both a liquid and gas disconnect to the bottle at the same time so you can essentially use a common PET bottle as a keg.

Note: The PET soft drink bottles, carbonation caps and dip tube are sold separately.

From: Kegland