Ball Lock Connector Spunding Valve G2

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This easy to use and compact spunding valve is handy for keg transfers or pressurized fermentations when you want to limit oxygen exposure and use counter pressure in the keg you are filling into or in the fermenter you are using.

This new improved G2 model has several upgrades:

1. duotight fitting where the gauge attaches
- This allows for a multitude of different options such as Push in gauge to be purchased separately and upgraded.

2. Manual ring pull pressure relief
- This allows for you to not only adjust the pressure with the black rotary knob but also use the ring pull to instantly release pressure if you want to release manually.

3. Option for Several Colour Coded PRVs to be used
Yellow - 1.2bar (17psi)
Red - 2.5bar (35psi)
Green - 4.5bar (65psi)
Grey - 7bar (100psi)

This is a low profile opton only 4.5cm in height.  This spunding valve fits to standard gas posts on your fermenter or keg.

It works right out of the box but has several upgrade options as shown in the images.

From: Kegland